Keeler All Pupil II Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope


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A new revolutionary design that maintains the best-selling All Pupil market-leading features.

Weighs less than 500 grams

Keeler All Pupil II Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope Weight, balance and comfort have not been compromised. Extra padding combined with the new contoured headband, make All Pupil II the most comfortable indirect for all examinations.

Up to 2000 lux illumination

For those difficult examinations when more light intensity is required, All Pupil II provides exceptional brightness along with enclosed KeeView coated optics guaranteeing bright, clear retinal images.

Easy to use

A single lever changes aperture size to view through all pupil sizes.

Available in Wired and Wireless Models

Keeler Patented Wireless Technology provides:


– Freedom to move from room to room
– Freedom to examine your patients without restraints
– Up to two hour continuous use
– Quick recharge time of two hours
– Comfortable, lightweight and perfectly balanced
– Desktop or wall mountable
– Backup lithium battery available