S390L WDR Digital Slit Lamp

Optical resolution increased by 40%

Built-in yellow filter

The Meibomian glands examination.

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Optical resolution increased by 40%

High-quality optical microscope with extraordinary resolution to meet doctors’ higher optical quality requirements for better accuracy and safer diagnostic results.

Ultra-sensitive camera

1/1.8” Sensor      2592 x 1944                  25fps

1/4” Sensor          1280 x 960                    12fps

The Meibomian glands examination

The unique infrared light source module supports the observation of the patient’s Meibomian gland. Helps the doctor to understand the absence of the patient’s Meibomian glands, and thus determines the lesion of the patient’s dry eye syndrome.

Built-in yellow filter

The built-in yellow filter helps doctors to get a clear tissue image with enhanced contrast. The yellow filter is also necessary for the orthokeratology lenses fitting.


Microscope Galilean Type
Magnification Change Revolving Drum 5 steps
Total Magnification 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X
Eyepieces 12.5X
Angle between Eyepieces 13°
Pupillary Adjustment 52 mm-78 mm
Diopter Adjustment ±8D
Field of View Ø36.2mm, Ø22.3mm, Ø14mm, Ø8.9mm, Ø5.6mm
Slit Illumination

Slit Width 0~14 mm continuous  (slit becomes a circle at 14 mm)
Slit Length 1~14 mm continuous
Aperture Diameter Φ14 mm, Φ10 mm, Φ5 mm, Φ3 mm,  Φ2 mm, Φ1 mm, Φ0.2 mm
Slit Angle 0°~180°
Slit Inclination 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°
Filters Heat-absorbing filter, ND filter, Red-free filter, Cobalt Blue filter,Yellow filter built-in
Lamp 3V LED Module
Luminance ≥150KLX
Power Supply

Input Voltage 110V~220V
Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption 20VA
Output Voltage 3V LED, Fixation 5V

Dimension 770mm x 470mm x 570mm(L/W/H)
Gross weight 24kg
Net weight 20kg
System Specifications

Image Sensor 5.0M Pixels
Photo Resolution 2592 x 1944
Format JPEG
Video Resolution 2592 x 1944
Frame of Video 25fps
Video Formats MP4 H.264
Exposure Mode Automatic exposure
Transmission Interface USB 3.0 TYPE-C