Keeler Vantage Plus Wired / Wireless


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Intelligent Optical System IOS (patent pending)

With the IOS system the convegence (optics) and mirrors automatically change, when the aperature (spot size) lever is change (small, medium, large)

Why is this important and how come someone didn’t think of it before?

Doctors are too busy to remember to change the convergence lever each and every time they use it; (under the optical block)and most times do not have the indirect set at the optimum configuration. In fact if you have the aperture set on a large spot and converged for small pupil the customer will get increase glare back from the optical system and vise-a-versa.

High Contrast Optics & Lighter Weight

The compact and high contrast viewing optics use Xenon illumination offering brilliantly crisp, glare free views of the retina every time. 15% lighter and 20% smaller than Vantage.

Completely Dust Free – We mean it, not just say it!

Since the Vantage Plus does not have heat vents on the top of the system it is DUST FREE. Try it yourself. Simply insert warm air into the top vents of a competitor’s product and the front window fogs up.

Longest life, brightest, better detail

25% brighter than standard bulbs

New Slimline Lithium Polymer battery weighs less than 2 ounce

Combined LED and Lithium Polymer battery can provide up to 6 hours of use on a single charge

Unique – Intelligent Optical System (IOS)

15% lighter

Comfortable and perfectly balanced

New high contrast optics

Available in Wired and Wireless Models